Are you ready . . . 

 to be seen and heard as the expert you are? 

to let go of a lifestyle or business that leaves you tired, drained + irritable?

to release the need for approval from others because you trust your decisions? 

to fine tune your mindset, heart, and wisdom for fulfillment & freedom (which also means your bank account)?  

to express yourself without apology? 

to feel comfortable in your own skin and let go of perfectionism ?

to be the leader you know you are meant to be?

This is what the online Confident CEO Mastery Class is all about!  

4 weeks. 4 online trainings. 4 ways to heal imposter syndrome & embody your inner leader.

Have you tried any of the following?

to silence the voices of self doubt, yet they still keep coming back?  

to make decisions but feel frozen to chose one and move forward?

 to do the right thing and take the right steps for fulfillment + success, yet no matter how hard you try, you feel like you are missing something and it just leads to more fear of putting yourself out there. 

to find the exact income goal, the right relationship, that perfect outfit, or new strategy that will finally be the answer to the discomfort you're feeling inside.  

to piece together a patchwork quilt of random advice, google searches, self help books and online freebies to figure out what's going wrong, yet instead you are getting more frustrated and confused about what to do next.  

to quiet the inner noise, to push through the burnout, to distract from the anxiety as quickly as you can, yet it always comes back, often even stronger. 

to find more time to get things done because it feels like your to do list is never ending and you just keep checking off 


Does these sound familiar? (Just so you know, I'm not judging. I've been here too.) 

"I couldn't possibly say that."  

 "Whose going to pay me for that?"  

 "Why do they have what I want and I don't?"  

"What's wrong with me?  

"It's always my fault."  

"I'm afraid I'll never get it right."

 "Let me just try one more thing before I ask for help."

"I have too many things going on, I'll figure this out later."

"I may have to settle."

"There's no time for myself."

"I couldn't do that."

"I can't put this out there, let me work on it just a little bit more."

"They will all find out I'm a phony and then what!"

"I have to be perfect to be successful and an expert." 


Those voices are not the real you!

Maybe you even know they are false, intellectually, but emotionally they still feel true.  

These voices are actually parts of yourself that need attention. 

They are a combination of self doubt + imposteritis playing out through your mindset & wired through your nervous system.

Feeling like everything is your fault or that you are responsible for others' emotions, actions + behaviors is a survival trait.  

 Trying it all and believing there's no way out of your patterns or that you are just unlucky is a false idea about yourself. 

Self sufficiency, while seen as a noble quality in our society, it is actually a learned behavior that is a symptom of the inability to trust others and believe we deserve support. 

Women have such a hard time listening to the true voice within because we have been trained to look outside ourselves for reassurance that our ideas, beliefs and actions are okay.  

Women also have trouble asking for help because we've been expected to do it all ourselves for a very long time and to do life and business in ways that aren't natural for the feminine.  

Women dismiss the signals and symbols that arise from their bodies and souls because we've learned to hide our real needs to make room for others. 

 Despite what you've been taught about what true fulfillment means the key to feeling confident, secure and successful is actually in putting yourself FIRST by taking time for reflection, nurturance + support.  

The good news? 

As you unlearn the old ways of approaching your daily life and allow your true inner confident wisdom to arise, your life will change in ways that you can't even imagine.  

You will start to see that the symptoms + discomfort you are experiencing aren't signs that there is something wrong with you.  

They are actually stirrings from within cracking you open to your greatest Self.  

They are yearning yells asking you to listen and course correct.  


My lady, you are being called. 

It takes strength to admit the old ways aren't working. There's no need to live life with the following running the show anymore . . .

  • Perfectionism
  • Guilt
  • Isolation
  • Witholding your expression
  • Just getting by
  • Self Doubt 
  • Lack of time
  • Energy Rollercoasters
  • Feeling like you have no control
  • Never giving yourself credit
  • Refusing to ask for help 
  • Hustling
  • Proving Yourself Mode
  • Distraction  

It's time for the way of the Confident AF CEO

Despite how difficult it's been, moving through the discomfort is the inaugural path that all warrior goddesses must take

You have to move through the fear, the falsehoods + the rules you've been taught to become the Confident AF woman of your dream life. 

So what's Confident CEO Mastery all about? 

How to know you're ready:

  • You just can't keep doing things the way you've been doing them. You've had enough!
  • You desire a path that includes meaning & connection. Going through the motions feels empty and pointless. 
  • You are ready to accept that confidence + financial security go hand and hand as natural born your inheritance.
  • You are ready to be the active creator and participant of life's greater plan. 
  • You want to increase productivity, profit & success in your business while increasing ease, time for fun, flexibility, travel + spending time with the people you love. 
  • You're ready to get off the roller coaster ride. Peace is what you want instead of the unsustainable highs and lows.
  • You want a secure path thru transitions so you can embrace change instead of fearing the worst case scenario. 
  • You know that deep down you are a BOSS (yes, girl, wave that magic wand and sprinkle that fairy dust).
  • You’re willing to learn, ask for help, and do the work needed. 
  • You believe that being the Confident AF CEO in your dream life is a necessity (because you’re super smart and super gifted at positively affecting those around you) 
  • You care about people and aren't just in business to make money. You want to feel good and for others to feel good around you. 

Who this isn't for:

  • Looking for a quick fix? The work I teach will help you transform for the longterm. It takes time and effective strategies to rewire the brain + nervous system while you answer the call for greatness. But it's worth it. Because the process I share creates a foundation that is solid and longlasting. 

  • You aren't ready to look deeper. We all have a story and experiences of why we've gotten to we are. However, regardless of who was at fault or caused certain situations in our lives, we are still responsible for finding out how to be ourselves and feel good. 

  • Disinterest in taking action. It's perfectly understandable to have the urge to walk, run or hide away. It's normal to need gentleness breaks and to repriortize. However, things are often difficult when we learn something new. Instead of only taking actions when instant gratification or adrenaline is feeding us, wise & healthy action is necessary for true fulfillment. 

When you decide to answer the call, here's what you have to look forward to after completing Confident CEO Mastery . . .

  • You will honor + love yourself first. This way when you nurture + give to others you do it from a place of overflow. 

  • You will understand that not everyone may like your voice, decisions, intellect + expression. But you don't care. .

  • You will have learned how to have enough time for rest + relaxation (and your to-do list!) 

  • You will know how to act from a place of surrender, flow + intention.  

  • Understand the benefit of your symptoms of overwhelm, self doubt + imposter syndrome and know what to do with them when they arise instead of fearing they are in the way.
  •  You will make decisions from a foundational place that is peaceful , instead of an anxious, stressed or a people pleasing part of yourself. Peace will be the new baseline.  
  • You will understand how to balance your schedule so your energy flows instead of spreadng yourself too thin.  
  • You will see the benefit in askng for help when you need it. You'll know you can't do this journey alone and that it's so much more fun doing it together!  
  • And so much more!

This is the way of the Confident CEO

Imposter Syndrome can be looked at in two ways.

One is that it is an impediment that needs to be fixed, an avenue for self blame or outward attack, a representation of your shortcomings, or evidence of your personal failure.  

The other, is that it is an opportunity for transformation.  

That it's arising because this time you are meant to look at it with a new approach so it can be healed

Confident CEO Mastery is going to address Imposter Syndrome and it's energy leaks at the root to clear them out for good. 

As you release what isn’t serving your highest desires, what isn’t aligned with your wisest self, you are answering the primal call for your feminine voice, expression and influence to rise up in a bigger way.  

This is WHY all of those parts of yourself feeling the discomfort are so darn loud right now. Once you give them the attention they deserve they are going to calm down. 

They will release. 

They will bow to the goddess within so that your next level radiance will be revealed. (hint hint: it’s better than you can imagine)  

Sound too good to be true?

 It isn't.  

If you want to claim your power and get lifted out of self-doubt, overwhelm & second guessing yourself so you can show up and truly be visible, in charge and energized to own the magic that is you....  


This is what the CONFIDENT CEO MASTERY Program is all about. 

Confident CEO Mastery will take you through a leadership journey from a holistic perspective, blending the practical with the spiritual. (Because this is the way that has worked for me when everthing else hasn't .)

4 Weeks of Powerful Teachings + Transformative Soulwork Exercises Via Live Online Video Sessions To get you integrating the spiritual, emotional & mental foundation of CEO Mastery which automatically translates into physical success. A true master knows it all starts within, This is where we plant the seeds and tend the garden, sorting out the truth from the weeds. 

Live Group Coaching Calls To give you direct feedback and provide answers to your burning questions that come up while you work your way as the phoenix rising. You will get to hear from others and learn that while each woman is unique, this journey is universal and not a reflection of your inadequecy. 

Meditation + Visualization + Creative Healing Processes I will be sharing the compassionate, inspired, intuitive approach that I've used with clients and on myself for over 10 years to heal years worth of patterns and stuck energy. This is the realm of listening, symbolism, metaphor and imagery that is a real language all on its own. 

A Supportive Community This training will be live which means you will be taken hand by hand through the material. You will be part of a safe space for sharing and accountability with a group of like-minded lady goddesses who get EXACTLY where you are coming from,  

Take a look at process we will go through together!  

Module 1: Diagnose Imposter Syndrome + Distractions from living your calling by exploring these 4 main categories:

  • The Illusion of Not Enough Time
  • Money Fears & The Feast + Famine Cycle
  • Mind Body symptoms that are Energy Leaks in Disguise 
  • The Trap of Trying to Be Perfect

Module 2: Understanding the What + Why  

This is your roadmap to knowing why we disconnect from our true self and a deep dive into the cycle of self abandonment that perpetuates until we take the reigns back. 

Module 3: The Empowered Women's Confident Archetypes.  

You will understand how these 4 archetypes show up in your life & biz and how to know when disempowered parts of yourself are creating imbalances.  

Module 4: The Mindbody Blueprint  

The specific steps from the signature process I have used for nearly 10 years to take you from Self Doubt and Imposter Syndome to Confidently Stepping Into Your Calling.  


  • the Basic Assumptions necessary to rise 
  • the Modern Women's Soul Retrieval steps
  • mapping your internal Mindbody System with a creative mandala exercise
  • self healing practices to increase your connection to your intuition and highest self

BONUS ONLINE EVENT: Women's Sacred Circle

  This Special Evening Includes:

  • How Sharing With Others Releases Shame + Self Doubt
  • Balancing Vulnerability with Needing Approval
  • Developing Your Unique Personal Ritual
  • Releasing Meditations with Music + Movement

Successful woman in hindsight all wish they would’ve asked for help sooner.

Years ago I second guessed my decisons in my business all of the time. I questioned investing in certain things to make my life easier. I ignored the inner knowings I had about what things I wanted to try and what I didn't.  

I spent years trying to do it on my own, not trusting anyone to help me. When the reality was I didn't know myself. And since I didn't know myself, I couldn't make a conscious choice about what or who I needed.  

My problem has never been that I haven't had what it takes to live the life I know I am meant to live. It's that I couldn't see myself clearly despite all my gifts.

What changed? I was willing to keep doing the work to trust me. I moved through layers of self doubt, overworking and people pleasing, releasing them so more core inner wisdom became the guiding light. 

Looking back, there's a part of myself that wishes it knew what I knew now because I may have opened myself up sooner instead of trying to be self sufficient, doing things on my own and wasting lot of time, energy + money. Yet, this was my journey and I know deeply that it has happened this way for reason. 

However, I'm sharing all that I've learned with you here, to save you extra troubles, trials and missteps and to assist you in shortening the distance to your calling. 

Self Doubt does affects how we ask for help but it doesn't have to.  

Staying paralyzed in indecision and fear of making a mistake keeps us from moving forward. Instead of fearing the next step, we can view each step as an experiment and become curious about what we learn and then field test it right here in our bodies.  

The trust we are looking for isn't anywhere else but right here, inside

I want you to trust yourself and not waste anymore time dimming your light and delaying ownership of the power you are meant to experience. 


About Jen Mele LCSW  

Here I am, licensed therapist + artist turned CEO mentor & business consulting strategist.  

Throw in my healer's spirit, nerdy science brain and survivor's grit and I'm a force to be reckoned with for you & your biz ;)  

This passion to support amazing women just like you is because I believe in the influence and unique gifts of women as leaders! I also believe, now more than ever we need a balance of feminine & masculine energy in business because there was been an imbalance for far to long. 

We can be strong and in charge, yet can also combine that with our gentle nurturing and desire for connection. 

I see a woman like this as unstoppable and massively capable of anything she desires.

I want you to feel this way. I want you to recognize your greatness and brilliance. To OWN your presence as the CEO of your business & brand...and most importantly your LIFE! I want you to do so with heart and soul. 

As a result, you get to feel good in your body. Your soul is nourished. You save time, money & energy. You reduce overwhelm & confusion and your business and life get easier, more fulfilling & successful in ways they've never been before!

Being a licensed clinical therapist still practicing and seeing clients for over 10 years gives me the unique ability to honor all aspects of the person as I assist you in deeply connecting to your highest Self.

 I have worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life individually and through groups and leading professional trainings, teaching them how to recover their sense of self, find balance, and feel empowered to achieve their dreams. I am trained as a yoga instructor, have been a mindfulness practioner for over 15 years with reiki and restorative yoga certifications.  

I take pride in my ability to have empathy, compassion and deep awareness in taking my clients very deeply into their transformative experiences which is why I believe I have many loyal clients who are students for life!. 

I also am dedicated to my own healing and recovery journey and use my daily experiences, trials + tribulations as a training ground for the work I teach. I practice what I preach and believe there is no way around that as a healer, teacher + creative.


I'm in! When does this start? 

This round of Confident CEO Mastery begins November 5th, 2018.

Is there lifetime access? 

As long as this program is running you will have access to the trainings. If future modules are added, you will get grandmothered in for a discounted rate!

What if I can't make the trainings live?  

All trainings will be recorded and accessible to you to watch as many times as you would like, whenever, wherever you are!

What if I need more support during the course? 

You will able to ask any questions during the live group coaching calls and also have access to the group where I will answer questions within 24 hours. If you find you need additional support, we can discuss 1:1 options for you. 

What if I haven't started my business yet . . . will this course still help me? 

Yes! You better believe it! 

Starting with Confident CEO Mastery now is a huge gift for your journey as a human and as a business owner. It will have you delving deep into your power and create a foundational place to kickstart a wise journey that will save you countless days, months and years of time, energy, money, pain and suffering!

Is this a substitute for therapy? 

No. While I am a licensed therapist in NJ and I apply therapeutic intervention strategies to my work and thru my approach, this is not a replacement or equivalent to therapy due to the legality of practicing online + outside of the state. 

 This program is for teaching, coaching, consulting and educational purposes only. If you are in need of counseling I recommend researching professionals who are local in your area. 

However, if you have questions about what to look for in a trained counseling professional I am happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

What if I'm not a business owner but I still want to take this course? 


While I use these trainings to address CEOs in business, I am also speaking about being the CEO of your life! You will benefit greatly from the material in this course, regardless of having n interest in having your own business. However, keep in mind, there will be coaching and material that is focused directly to this. 

What if I take the course and it doesn't help me?  

 If you watch all of the trainings, complete the assignments, have participated fully as a group member and have written evidence to show the work you've done. . . and you can honestly say that this program has not helped you, email my team at and we will be happy to review your material and give you a refund if appropriate.  

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

See the answer to the previous question.

Can I share this material with a friend or family member?

 If you are a student of a paid program I ask that you do not share the material. However, I have lot's of free material that you can introduce your friends and family to. I would love that! 

Growth from Self Doubt Requires the Yin of Expansion

Stretching, softening and surrendering into the uncomfortable is necessary to reach into your deeper calling.  

You must move through it, not around it.  

You must face what seems impossible to live your passion, to experience fulfillment + to have the freedom to feel alive. 

"As I discovered early on in my interviews with successful women, the number one requirement for achieving success in anything is the willingness to stretch beyond what feels comfortable to what seems impossible, to do what you don’t want to do, what you think you can’t do, or what just plain terrifies you. To grow you must stretch." ~Barbara Stranger

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